Anaplan Skill Factory

Delectus-Consulting are pleased to announce our partnership with to launch globally our Anaplan Skill Factory.

Skill Factory Logo

Skill Factory is a program designed to offer associates, the hard and soft skills required to instantly make an impact within an Anaplan practice or project.

When we launched Delectus-Consulting we had 2 main aims…

1- “To maximize the growth of people”

2-“To ensure we maximize our positive impact on the communities we work within”

Skill Factory offers us the chance to achieve both of those. Through offering a program that allows people to develop both the hard and soft skills required to launch a very exciting career within the Anaplan space. Secondly addressing the talent shortage that is challenging many of our partners in the Anaplan community.

We hope with this we can add another dimension to the service we offer clients as a recruiter. Not only supporting their direct recruitment needs but supporting the growth of their business at all levels

We are extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to partner with Anavate and launch Skill Factory.

If you are a Partner or customer across the U.S or U.K, looking too expand your practice, but struggling to find skilled talent. Get in touch to see how you can partner with Skill Factory.