Our Mission

Our Mission can be put in four simple words “The Growth Of People”.

Quite simply, we believe in value. Our leadership team of young entrepreneurs have a documented history of working on non for profit charities, acting as mentors to young people in the community and array of other activities focused on the growth of people.

Why? As a generation the world is facing more and more challenges, whether it be the failure of governments, the emergence of new technology bringing new challenges, the rising mental health crisis and many more all need to be addressed. The solution to these issues is quite simply, People.

What our mission can achieve is simple. If we enable and promote, the growth of people: companies grow,  industries build and the overall global economy develops. How? Companies are people. The more people within companies grow, learn & develop the bigger their companies grow.  The Bigger companies grow they contribute more back and the economy expands with them. This means more work, better products & more opportunities for everyone; In short, we all win. 

Recruitment as a whole, has built a reputation which does not do justice to the value it can bring. Delectus-Consutling is set to raise the standards within the industry.

We do not believe in doing a job, for money motivations only. We work because we believe in our goals. 

How will we achieve this? 3 simple core values.

Inspire, we challenge all of our team to seek to inspire people in all of our communication. Keeping, honesty, respect and moral integrity at the core of all of our interaction. Whether it be a receptionist, a client, a candidate. No matter the outcome of the interaction. We want people to reflect with positivity and take that positivity elsewhere.
Knowledge, in order to connect people with companies that will allow them to grow, we need to understand, our clients, our candidates, our sectors. Our team have to “earn their right” to work in their sector by proving they have a firm level of understanding. By taking time to learn about every aspect of our candidates and clients, we create partnerships that last and unleash potential.

Determination ,we never underestimate the task’s we set out to do. When we sell, we sell with passion because we believe in the value we bring – it’s not all about hitting targets. When we are instructed by a client we search with color: black;”> because we want to prove ourselves. When we work with a candidate we work to find their next role with vitality because we understand we are helping change their lives..

While Delectus-Consulting is set on becoming a leader in the EPM, BI and Data Analytics market, it is much more than that. Delectus-Consulting is a vision focusing on helping people grow.

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