What We Offer

Our Methodology

We understand that all of our Clients will require a different kind of service to suit their needs and requirements. With this in mind we do not offer a one size fits all service.

Contract Service

We understand project pipeline and requirement are constantly evolving, so employee demand fluctuates with it. Utilising an in-house payroll team we are able to cost effectively and efficiently supply outsourced contractors. With an ever growing network of contractors across the EPM, BI and Data Analytics space we can supply the right person for the right time when your business needs them the most. 

Permeant Search

Delectus-Consulting’s team is constantly building our network across the EPM, BI and Data Analytics space.

Constantly marketing and networking to allow us an extensive candidate pool of skilled individuals. With this focus we are able to make introductions to a range of candidates with a variety of backgrounds. As part of this service we pre-qualify and screen all of our candidates with an informal career consultation to ensure all values and goals are aligned with your companies. We take time to understand the candidates drivers and expectations to ensure that progressing with the candidate is valuable to both parties, pre-empting any unexpected stumbling blocks, streamlining the hiring process for all involved.

Executive Search Service

In an ever increasing competitive market, Organisations are fully aware of just how problematic and time-consuming replacing key staff can be, so they have since become more forward thinking in the way they look after their teams and retain talent. Meaning the highest demand professionals are often passive or not active in the market.

Often utilised for roles at VP level or above, our team are able to map the industry and use out network to reach out directly to candidates who would be suitable. Given we seek to buy into to all of our clients visions and values we are able to sell the opportunity with passion and honesty. Many companies will utilise tricks and manipulation to get any suitable candidate to take the role, even if it is not right for them. With our values always at our core, we will sell with honest passion ensuring anyone who does join, joins with the foundations set for a prosperous future.


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