Hiring and expanding your team with the right people, is arguably the most important aspect of building a company. We do not take that lightly.

We take time to understand your company, your value and your people. With this knowledge we are able to match candidates too roles not only on technical but also cultural and personable factors. Elon Musk highlighted one of his largest weaknesses as “weighing too much on someone’s talent and not their personality”

We strive to place people in the environment that will maximise their growth. Promoting productivity and development leading you to the competitive edge over your competition.

Delectus-Consulting was formed to offer a true consulting service. We thrive on working alongside companies for the long-term. Focused on forming long term partnerships that bring value for all involved.

We understand that not all growing companies can afford while they grow the typical recruiter fees. While we do not devalue our service, If we believe in your vision and values. We are open to form creative partnerships which support your long term growth from your first hire too your 100th and beyond whilst working within your budget at the current time.

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